Experience the challenges involved in remotely operating a rover on a distant moon or planet. Students participating in this challenge will be provided with a LEGO Mindstorm kit to build a rover that can perform certain tasks. Instructions will be provided, including a basic minimum framework. You can build on this framework to make your rover as complicated as possible. For the actual competition, your team will have to maneuver the rover remotely, as the rover will be on a simulated lunar surface in another room. There will be a 2 second lag in receiving the video feed to simulate real time signals coming from the moon.



In this challenge, each college will combine both their teams to design and build an experiment that will be launched in a weather balloon during the competition. You will be provided with several sensors like Ultraviolet sensors or Solar Cells, etc., and will then design and build a scientific experiment within the limits of the launch vehicle. In this case, the launch vehicle is a weather balloon which can carry your experiment up to an altitude of 100,000 feet! There will be a limit to the weight of your experiment and how much power it can consume. You will be provided with all the necessary background to design and build such an experiment. The enclosure that will house the experiment will also be provided. The weather balloon will carry 3 cameras and you will receive a DVD of the video feeds from all cameras.



This challenge will help you learn the basics of rocketry. The rocket itself is very simple and is powered by water. You will be provided with software to modify the design of the rocket and each college will be provided with a test stand where you can do static testing of your rocket. The actual competition will involve launching the rocket, with the right amount of fuel and pressure, so that it reaches closest to 150 feet. The idea of this challenge is not to build a powerful rocket, but to master the basics of rocketry so that you can build high powered rockets in the future. You will be provided a rocketry kit to help you construct the rocket.



In this challenge you will create a video and upload this video to YouTube for judging. The Multimedia Deliverable Challenge will require you to document your preparation leading up to the final competition and upload a video to YouTube. This will give you a way to share your project with your University, peers, and anyone else in the world including potential internship or job prospects.Videos can only include authorized content, including – without limitation, music, images, film clips and other intellectual property. You can use any type of video editing software you wish. If you do not have any editing software, YouTube has a free editing program built into its site. Watch the example below of a short video documenting a program called “SATLAB”.


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